Substitute certified parts Solutions

In order to improve the repair cost of automobiles due to the monopoly parts distribution structure In 2015, ''Performance and Quality Certification Business for Automobile Replacement Parts '' (Replacement Parts Certification System) will be implemented.
1. Consumer Satisfaction, Protection of Rights

With the price reduction of automobile parts and reasonable repair cost labor system

Protect consumer satisfaction and interests.

2. Improve service quality of service provider

With the smooth supply of auto parts and the perfect maintenance technology

Improve the quality of service to increase the reliability of your service provider.

3. Improved manufacturer's competitiveness 

Promote the localization of OEM and AFTER parts

The price and quality competitiveness of small and medium-sized parts makers is increased.

4. Development of the Korean auto parts industry

By dramatically improving distribution structure and improving competitiveness of parts manufacturers

Strengthening export competitiveness of auto parts

The Korean auto parts industry grows quantitatively and qualitatively.

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